On Deep Sea and Deep Space

Today I finished reading The War of the Worlds, and as promised, I will now review it.  Here goes:

First of all, the narrator has no name.  This, to me, is a very cool thing.  It implies that H.G. Wells, the author, is the narrator as well.  Actually, besides some characters in the beginning who (spoiler alert!) die, I don’t think anyone has a name.  It was a refreshing thing to see.

Secondly, about this whole alien invasion thing.  I’m sorry if I’m spoiling things for people who haven’t read the book, but it’s necessary.  These aliens from Mars come down, and straight away expose themselves to our climate/environment.  If these guys were smart enough to figure out long-distance space travel and Heat-Rays, than why couldn’t they see that our air might not be the same as theirs?  Of course, within the world of sci-fi, external sensors are definitely possible…hmm.

Oh well.  It still bothers me that apparently the change of planet had no larger effect on them than what eventually killed them.  Although, come to think of it, that’s a pretty big effect.

Anyway, Mr. Wells is a superb writer of science fiction.  I have a bunch of his other books lined up on my Amazon Kindle for future reading.

But first…first I have to get through some Jules Verne.  To be specific, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  I’ve been on this book for months and it’s super long and I just can’t seem to ever finish it.

Part of this is the descriptions.  I have nothing against Mr. Verne, but he wrote whole long paragraphs just naming different species of fish that our hero comes across while aboard the submarine.  It gets to be a bit tedious after a while.

Also, I grew up believing that the name Nemo (which, by the way, is Latin for “no one,” according to the book) was unique to a certain lovable undersea movie character.  Therefore, all the things I associate with the name stem from said lovable character.

Boy, was I misled.


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