Just a Short Post About Stuff

Okay, so tonight I have a bunch of little stuff that I think I should post about.  I’m not really counting it as a real post, so that’s why it’s another Double Post Day.  Here goes:

1.  In case you haven’t followed the fandom much since ’07, or if, like me, you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and a half, there’s this exciting new thing called Pottermore.  I’m assuming it’s going to be an epic Potter role-playing game with cool exclusive stuff (ebooks!!!) from J.K. Rowling.  Here’s the announcement video:

2.  Also Harry Potter related, I’m going to the midnight premier of Deathly Hallows: Part 2.  More on that later (probably much later, as I will have slept for many, many hours and then gone to work the next day).
3.  You might be wondering why I’m reading three books at once in the sidebar there.  One, I usually pick up the first thing that’s within my reach.  Two, I have to reread Shiver before Forever comes out.  And three, I’m actually technically reading four* because I cannot stop myself from peeking at new books.  So there.
4.  I still cannot wait for Forever to come out.  Did I mention I’m going to a book signing for it?  Yeah.  That right there is your daily serving of EPIC with a side of AWESOME SAUCE.
5.  Hunger Games movie.  Also cannot wait.  Am wanting the months to go by faster.  Cannot stop thinking about it.  Did I mention the movie comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY?????????  So, really, Suzanne Collins/Lionsgate is giving me a birthday present.  THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.
6.  No, really, universe, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you.

This would be the universe.

*The fourth is called Subject Seven, and I’m not putting it in the sidebar because I’m desperately trying to not read it right now.  I think it’s a hopeless cause, though.  *gasp* *cough* Must…resist…must…finish…Shiver


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