Finally, An Outlet For My Fangirl-ness

Victor’s Village is a lovely WordPress blog dedicated to all things Hunger Games.  And, today, THEY POSTED MY GUEST POST.  I sent in the post maybe half a week ago, as part of a call for people to voice their opinions.  Seriously, go check it out if you like the Hunger Games.  And if you read this blog, you have to at least be wondering about the Hunger Games.  At least.

Just one big, rebellious family.

Anyway, it’s all about the love triangle.  About how Suzanne Collins takes a really great view of it.

And, of course, I’m forever grateful to Victor’s Village for doing this.

Happy reading!


One thought on “Finally, An Outlet For My Fangirl-ness

  1. We are the ones that are forever grateful to YOU for that fantastic guest post! We love your take on the attitudes involved in the love triangle and how it differs from the typical YA fluff!

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