Because Everyone Could Use A Companion

No, I’m not a Dr. Who fan, in case that title misled some people.  Sorry.  Never seen it.

Here, I'll include this anyway. Sorry again.

This post is about companion books.  Today my copy of The Girl Who Was On Fire came in the mail, and I am super excited to read it, but that got me thinking about the whole subject of this species of book (I say species because I can’t really call it a genre).

I am a gigantic fan of companion books.  I have some for just about every major series I’ve read.  Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson, Inheritance, and a couple others.  They’re curious little things because they don’t add anything to the story, unless they’re a guide to the series.  Instead, they’re other people’s opinions on the plot, characters, symbolism, etc.

I think I like that better.  Seeing other’s opinions really gets my imagination sparking, and helps me to understand the books a little better overall.  Because symbolism usually just makes a faint whistling sound as it rushes over my head.  Seriously.  It took me forever just to figure out what the cover of Deathly Hallows meant.

For the longest time I thought Voldy was a dementor...

But then there are the authorized guides, the ones the authors write to divulge some more information about the series.  Stephenie Meyer did it.  Christopher Paolini did it- without even finishing his series first, I might add.  And those are cool too.  Especially the Twilight one.

Anyway, I guess this post is just to say how awesome it is when people write books about books.  Love.  It.  Because that’s exactly the kind of thing I would do if I had the time/resources/intelligent thoughts to accomplish it.  It shows that there are other fans out there just as crazed as I am.

The thought comforts me.

The Girl Who Was On Fire is about the Hunger Games.  Which I love.  In case you just joined us or in case you just completely missed every other post where I squealed like the fangirl I am about this series, I love it.

Cannot.  Wait.  To.  Read.  It.

Also, I finished Subject Seven.  Just made me more mad.

Happy reading!


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