The Diamond Necklace: Part 3

Well, it’s about time I got this little shindig over with.  So here goes.  THE EPIC CONCLUSION!


The husband-the-governor held the box containing the necklace.  He didn’t trust any of his family members with it, seeing as they were all competing for it.  The niece, the cousin, and the aunt all strode up Paris’ driveway with confidence.  None of them were worried.

Paris was playing basketball in the driveway when they approached.  Setting the ball on the ground, he greeted them.  “Hello, sir,” he said, nodding to the husband.  “Ladies.  What’s up?”

The husband briefly explained the situation to the boy, noting that he seemed like the type to judge things fairly and could you please help us out?  Logically, whomever Paris thought was the prettiest girl would receive the necklace.

The husband stepped back for a few moments to let him decide, and that’s when the catfighting really started.  The ladies swarmed in on Paris, determined to win the contest.

The aunt was first to stop showing off how pretty she was and to start bribing.  After all, she thought, this is just a stupid kid.  Of course he’ll want something in return.  So she told him, “You know, my husband has a lot of power.  And you’re such a strong leader type.  If you’re ever interested in government I’m sure we could help you along.”

The cousin flicked back a stray curl in disgust.  The aunt really had no idea how to talk to people, especially when pursuading them.  Of course, she was in law school.  She could win this.

“Look, kid,” she said to him, “I’m a lawyer.  You ever need any help, you ever get into trouble, you give me a call, okay?”  And she handed him a business card for a job she didn’t quite have yet, but would in a few years.  She figured the boy still had a few years until he got his first charge.

Now it was the niece’s turn.  She, of course, knew what boys really wanted, so she batted her eyelashes at Paris.  “Is there anyone in your life, Paris?  Girlfriend?”

Paris shook his head slowly.  “No, not really- why?”

“Oh, nothing.  Just that there’s this really pretty girl down the street, just moved here.  Dying to meet someone, she is.”  The niece held a hand over her mouth in mock surprise.  “Wait a minute!  I’ve got it!  I’ll hook you two up!  I can do that, you know.  My boyfriend is friends with her brother.”

The boy’s eyes shone with hope.  “Really?  And she’s hot?”

“Oh, of course.  Just say I’m the winner and I’ll hook you up.  It’s practically a done deal!”

Paris made up his mind then and there.  How could he not choose the niece?  She was hooking him up.  That deserved something.

Ooh, Tiffany. Good choice.


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