Who Am I?

I use the term “nerd” in here a lot, and my Commandments post proclaimed me a “book nerd”.  But what exactly is a nerd?  And how does it differ from geeks, another popular term?


Don't agree, but cool nonetheless.

I think I’m both nerd and geek- a neek, if you will, because I don’t like the term gerd.  It sounds weird.

But when I say “book nerd,” I mean people whose lives very closely resemble my Commandments.  I mean people who camp out for days to get the first copy of their favorite sequel.  They don’t necessarily have to stalk authors or turn everything into a totally obsessive fangirl-fest.  They just have to be really into reading.

Thus, dear readers, today I introduce the “book nerd” species into this hierarchy of nerd/geek/dorkiness.  Arise, bookworms, and conquer!*  Because, unlike the Trekkies and the Comic-Con dresser-uppers among us, we have at our disposal the power of words!

You know what they say:

Move over, Medieval Times...WE HAVE PENS!

And another thing: never let your title bring you down!  Bear your mark of nerd/geek/dorkiness proudly!  It’s a badge of honor, says I!

Okay, that’s enough for the randomness that is this post.

Happy reading!

*Okay, maybe not conquer, per se…


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