I Watched Two Hours Of Awards For This

Hey everyone!

I just HAD to post today because the VMA’s were last night, and as you may know, with them aired the FIRST HUNGER GAMES TEASER TRAILER!  It’s awesome and…well, I’ll just save my commentary until you see it for yourself.

The embed code from the MTV website is being difficult, so I can only get the whole version in a link.

Here’s a slightly shorter version of it that I CAN embed (you really should watch the linked version, though):
It’s not very in-depth because they’re still filming down in North Carolina, but this is still a VERY exciting peek into what the movie might be like.  The voice Katniss is remembering is Gale’s.  Gale is her hunting partner and best friend, for those of you who never read the books.
Please go read the books.
The bit at the end, that four-note run when it’s showing the date, is RUE’S MOCKINGJAY CALL.  It’s available on Itunes.  I got this news from the Hob, a fansite whose link is in the sidebar.  I NEVER expected us to get that so early.  Rue’s Lullaby?  Yes.  But not the call.  It seemed so insignificant, but I suppose that’s what’s great about putting it in the teaser.
Anyway, I’m super excited for the film.  It’s interesting that they went with the same emphasis on the mockingjay pin that the poster had.  From a marketing standpoint, though, it’s good to have a symbol for your series so clearly defined, especially one that goes along with the books.
I must say, I am a little disappointed that there were no other cast members in the teaser.  Just Katniss and Gale’s voice.  Not even a glimpse of Foxface or Peeta or Haymitch!  I guess they just want to keep us waiting.
Happy reading!

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