Look, It’s Another Distracting Blog Post!

Good time management died the day the Internet was born.

I’m serious.  It was a sad day for research papers and assignment deadlines everywhere.  All of a sudden, there’s a new way to avoid getting things done…without ever leaving your chair.  It’s just like staring at the wall, only this time you have some semblance of doing something.

Like me.  I’ll be at my laptop, typing away at my history essay or other such high school shenanigans, when soon enough:

GOOGLE CHROME ICON: “Hey, look at me!  Look!  Look!  C’mon, I’m right down here!  I bet you have a new Facebook notification!  I bet that favorite blog of yours has a new post!  I bet someone commented on your Experiment in Spontaneity!  You should go watch something on Netflix!  Here’s something incredibly important that you need to Google right now!”

It sort of looks like Wheatley from Portal 2...

Naturally, the half of me that hasn’t succumbed like a weak-minded Internet fool tries to make an argument against the power of Google Chrome:

ME: “I can check those later!  This essay is due Monday and it’s already Sunday!  The Internet isn’t going to disappear.”

But I don’t stand a chance:

GOOGLE CHROME ICON: “Ooh, shiny!  Look at the shiny Internet!  Something’s happening right now and you need to look look look!  If you don’t you’ll regret it forever.  Please please please?  You won’t regret it.  You can do that thing later.  You know you want to!”

And so, despite heroic efforts on my part, I ultimately crack under the pressure.  Precious time is wasted, and nothing gets done.  This happens all the time, and we English-speakers have a special word for it:


This, dear readers, is the bane of every writer’s existence.  This is what impedes a book from getting done, as much as plot holes or stuck characters do.  And this is what I battle every day, if not with writing than with homework.

Sometimes it’s a losing battle.

The easiest solution would be complete Internet shutdown.  No more Internet, no more problem.  But considering the Internet is a major communication medium (not to mention it’s how you get to see these posts every weekend), that’s a little improbable, even for this post.

Of course, I could just resist the temptations of the Almighty Internet.  Or disconnect my computer.

But that would require me to pause this cat video in order to press the button…

Along with more visuals for this post.

Anyway, the point is, we as writers must fight procrastination.  Together, I’m sure we can do it.  Especially with NaNoWriMo coming up for a lot of you, it’s imperative we learn how to fight this menace.

(If anyone has an idea, tell me.  I really need to get this homework done.)

Happy reading (or Facebook-checking, or whatever-happens-to-grab-your-attention)!


2 thoughts on “Look, It’s Another Distracting Blog Post!

  1. I usually listen to Pandora or last.fm Internet radio while I’m writing, so the temptation is even worse. I tell myself, I’ll just check to see what this song is, but once I open the Internet tab, I’m lost. There’s the pretty little Favorites button taunting me in the corner. Well, OK, I’ll just check my e-mail…ooh, I wonder if there’s anything new on that blog…

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