Writing For Yourself

Who do you write for?

I’ve addressed this topic before in a roundabout sort of way, but now I’m going to focus in on it.  When we write (I say we because I assume most of you have considered yourselves writers at one point or another), who is the main object of our words?  Do we write to appease our fans, or is it for ourselves?

I am of the opinion that, whatever you write, you should let it be for you and only you.  Write what you want to write, and don’t care what anyone else thinks.  As long as it is all you and makes you happy, another person’s opinion does not matter in the least.

When I’m coming up with posts for this blog, I’m writing about things that make me think.  I write to record my own thoughts and my journey to become a better writer and more well-read reader.  I write about whatever I’m pondering at the moment, whether it be a character’s wardrobe or the latest Hunger Games movie news.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t write just for the fans or to make something popular.  I find it much more fulfilling to know you’ve written something meaningful to you and that you’re proud of.  You know what they say about genius being misunderstood, after all.

I realize this is one of my shorter posts, but it gets to the point well enough.  Today I was going to tell you about my Halloween costume this year (which is book-based and which I’m really excited to show you guys), but I don’t think I’ll have time to put that together tonight.  Plus, if I do it now it’ll just be drowned out by all the other Halloween-y stuff going on right now in the blogosphere.  So I’ll probably get to that sometime during this week, if all goes well.

On another note, Inheritance comes out in just over a week!  I can’t believe it’s so close already.  There’ll be a post about that next week as well.

Dragons are just cool.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Writing For Yourself

  1. I write for myself, and only myself, but I make sure my writing is understandable to someone who mayn’t be the same level of insanity as I.
    I’m waiting for Inheritance too, but I’ve got to wait at least another year before my library even decides to buy it.

    • Well, I can understand if you want to make sure others can easily read what you’re writing. After all, even if we do write for ourselves, we have to be aware that there are people who hope to get something out of our writing. It’s a delicate balance, I think.

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