Of Eragon and Endings

Today’s post is dedicated to the final book in the Inheritance Cycle.  Guess what it’s called.


A quick word about my Halloween costume first: the post about that is in the works, but I’m afraid it’s not the incredible spectacle I was hoping for.  Therefore, let me just say I was Katniss Everdeen during the 74th Hunger Games.  And it was GLORIOUS.  And if you, dear readers, really want to see it, let me know and I’ll put up that post.

My experience with the Cycle started back in private school.  I want to say third grade, but it could have been anywhere around there.  It was at my school’s book fair that I first saw Eragon: a paperback book with such a pretty blue cover, and with a dragon on it, no less.  The pages were deliberately made to be jagged and uneven, which was strange.  It was a thick book, too.  But it was the dragon that transfixed me.

I kept going back to that book, and so eventually I bought it.

At first it was slow, and I almost put the book down within the first two chapters.  But then Saphira’s egg hatched and I remember reading it in a rush, caught up by the story.  I remember reading it over and over again, and it quickly climbed the ranks of my favorite novels.

I remember when Eldest came out.  I did not buy it right away, so I managed to snag a limited edition, with extra artwork and a complete list of everything in the series thus far.  I remember loving the forest of Du Weldenvarden, as well as the POV shift to Roran.  I remember eagerly searching the Internet for signs of when the third- and final- book would come out.

I remember the release of the movie, and how intensely excited I was.  I remember loving it, only to re-watch it a few years later and finally notice how horribly the producers had mangled the plot, ruining any hope of a sequel (why, oh why, does Brom tell him straight out that he’s a Rider??).

I remember my shock and elation at the news that the trilogy was now a four-book cycle.  I remember waiting for the name of the book to come out: Brisingr.  I remember going to Borders (may it rest in peace) the day it came out.  I remember the cashier remarking that everyone was buying Brisingr that day.

I remember finishing the book one day in school, looking at the back page, and feeling my anticipation for the final volume rise.  I remember the long, dull years we waited for news, any news at all, of the fourth book, and having it not be forthcoming.  I remember two companion books, one by Paolini and one by a fan, that came out during this time.  I remember my frustration that Brisingr should be in paperback, and all these extra things be created, and still the fourth book be far off on the horizon.

Then I remember the news via a Barnes & Noble email that the fourth book would be coming in November.  To me, this marked the beginning of the culmination of something I had been following for much of my life.

And so now we come to this.  With the release only a few days away, it feels strange to me that this should be ending.  It is much like this summer and the release of the final Harry Potter movie.  In fact, the feeling is more so, for I have been following the Cycle longer than I have Harry Potter.

At last all the fandom’s theorizing and speculating (of which I’ve done my fair share) will come to an end, and we will know the answers to all those question that have yet to be addressed.  There will be no more eagerly waiting for news, no more years between books, and we’ll finally know what in Alagaesia the Rock of Kuthian is.

As the Cycle comes to a close, we should applaud Christopher Paolini for his work, and for having such a stunning start to what I am sure will be a spectacular career.  No matter what happens in this final book, the series has come immensely far, and I will always consider it one of my favorites.

Happy reading.


5 thoughts on “Of Eragon and Endings

  1. It’s been awhile since I read the first three books in the Cycle, so I haven’t been too excited about the release of Inheritance. I do, however, plan to read it at some point. I hope I can remember all the neccesary details…

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