In Which I Find Out How You Found My Blog

It’s that time again: time for this month’s Teens Can Write, Too! blog post.  As always, a link to the Teens Can Write site can be found in the sidebar, and I have once more linked to the rest of the chain at the end of this post.  This month’s topic was, “What are the wackiest, funniest, most disturbing search terms anyone has ever used to find your blog?”  In addition, we chain-bloggers are required to tell readers about the novel we are currently working on.

This site has been going strong since July.  Well, technically since June, but that was just when I had secured the domain and “officially” started my blog.  But I started posting on July first.  Which is when this all started in my mind.

Anyway.  Over the few months this humble blog has been struggling along, there have been A LOT of search terms used to find it.  Now, while I have no doubt that most of the people searching these terms clicked onto my site, saw it was not what they wanted, and clicked right back off again, their ventures are recorded forever on my dashboard (that would be the part of WordPress where I control and shape my blog).  And it is to these ventures I now turn.

Without further ado, I give you a list of the search terms I thought were the funniest, weirdest, and/or most interesting, separated into four semi-distinct categories.  (In the interest of sanity, I have capitalized the first word of each phrase, regardless of original form.)

Category One: Most Recurring (These are the ones whose variations crop up all the time.  They’re not necessarily funny or strange, but they deserve a mention.)

I am a nerd– Welcome to the site, fellow nerd/geek.  I see you are not afraid to show your nerdy pride.  I admire that.  Would you like to see the post that most likely led you here?…Now that you’ve read that, allow me to give you the grand tour, starting with our 24/7 Star Trek marathon…

(ANYTHING AT ALL RELATED TO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS BATTLES, POSTERS, ET CETERA)– Guys.  Come on.  I realize the movie came out this summer.  I realize I have two posts dedicated to it.  But you find this site using these terms literally every day.

Category Two: Misspellings, Grammar Errors, and What In the Name of Sanity Were You Trying to Say?

Writer happy– Yes.  Writer happy.  Writer like writing.  Writer want be on bestseller list.

Read journeys 5 novel reading– Um.  I don’t even have a snappy comeback to this.  I’m still trying to see if emphasizing a different word makes it have some sort of meaning…read journeys 5 novel reading.  Read journeys 5 novel reading…nope.  Still nothing. golden retriever puppy– …I’m sorry, I just got totally distracted by the colon.  And what does WordPress have to do with puppies, pray tell?

Google afbemture– I can only guess that you were trying to spell “Google Adventure” and mistyped.  But then how did you manage to spell Google right?  What went wrong when you pressed the space bar?

Category Three: I Still Don’t Know How You Found This Site

Ron hermione socks– This makes no sense…unless you consider the possibility that the two lovebirds had a side adventure with Dobby one year…help us out a little, Ms. Rowling?

Gandalf vs 2012– Yes, because that’s all we need to save the world from ending next year.  Gandalf.  And his amazing fireworks.

In my life and I know yes I/– What were you about to say?  What happened in your life?  What do you know?  And why the slash?

Matthew Lewis and potter puppet pal– I wanted to address this one because I see you’re looking for a specific picture.  This picture:

You're welcome.

Category Four: These Aren’t That Crazy But I Wanted to Show Them Anyway

I have no life– Of course not.  That’s what the Internet is for.

Less exciting book names– I think you’re taking a step backward there.  Just letting you know.

Doctor who artwork– Very well.  Since you asked:

What do you mean, Doctor Who isn't book-related? They asked for artwork! I have to post this! (Ten is my favorite. TO THE TARDIS!)

What to look for in a boyfriend– Just make sure he isn’t a sparkling undead vampire and you should be okay.

I can’t think of it right now– Yes, because that’s the fastest way to find something via Google: search even if you DON’T REMEMBER WHAT YOU’RE SEARCHING FOR.  I’m sure it’ll turn up somehow.

While I’m sure all of the people who searched these terms knew what they meant, you have to admit these are some strange phrases.

Well, that’s it for me.  Make sure to follow the rest of the blog chain!  Oh, and I almost forgot about the other half of the Teens Can Write prompt- to briefly describe our current writing project.  I suppose you could say I don’t have one.  I’m not doing NaNoWriMo (though I hope to one year), and the book I was working on most recently has fallen by the wayside in recent times.  I suppose I should get back on that.

Happy reading!

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16 thoughts on “In Which I Find Out How You Found My Blog

  1. The idea of putting the search terms into categories is brilliant! Some of those seem like a bunch of completely random words thrown together…Oh, and I don’t care if Doctor Who isn’t book-related. It’s so amazing that it should have some mention on every site on the ‘net. 🙂 Great post!

  2. This was really funny. I laughed at the “I can’t remember what I was searching for” one. I like how you mocked each term, it was really funny! Great post and keep up the good work.

  3. John……..that search was me………..I have terrible memory and forgot her blog. Low and behold, Google took the list from my recently visited sites and got me here………..Sometimes Google just knows what you want!

  4. Yay for Doctor Who! And ha ha, people do search the oddest things, don’t they? I like the fact they can’t remember what they wanted…

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