Atra Esterni Ono Thelduin*

Well, I did it.  I read Inheritance.  It took me FOREVER, but it happened.  The Cycle is over.

Now I can get back to LOTR…by the time this whole shenanigans is over I will be fully versed in the fantasy genre.

It was a good book.  I don’t really have much to say without giving away spoilers.  And spoilers are no fun, are they?  No.  Exactly.

This book was…satisfying.  It was everything I hoped the climax of the Cycle would be, and a lot of things I never imagined for this series.  It was funny at parts (those parts mostly involving a certain herbalist) and sad at others.  The ending was more bittersweet than I had thought it would be.  But I suppose it was inevitable.

One exciting bit about this week was that I got to go to a signing for the book.  Christopher Paolini was really fun to listen to- his discussion and question-answering ranging in topic from Viking mead halls to a certain time-traveling physician- but he also gave some great advice about writing.  I had an awesome time.

Now, I would wax poetic about how this is the end of an era, and it’s sad, and how my life is changed forever (which is technically true, if you think about it, in the most basic sense- before I hadn’t read this series, and now I have), but I already did enough of that last week and way back when in July (albeit with a different series).  So now I’ll just tip my proverbial hat to the series and the man who wrote it, for being my first introduction to real fantasy, and also to this book, for being a very fitting ending.

Oh, and if you’re reading/have read the book?  I’m guessing you still want to know more about Angela.  My advice: look in the Acknowledgments.  I think you’ll find an answer.

If any of you lovely readers want to discuss the book, I’m always open to talking about it in the comments of this post.  There might be spoilers.  You have been warned.

Also.  Sorry there’s only one visual today.  I figured that was already covered last week, as much as it could be with this topic.

That being said, isn’t that picture ADORABLE?  In a dragon-y way, of course.

Happy reading!

*Yes, I do see the irony in giving a greeting as the title of a post in which I say farewell to the series.  But I like that title.  So we’re running with it.  Besides, made-up languages are much more fun.

UPDATE: Some of you are asking for the writing advice Mr. Paolini gave, which I admit would be an excellent addition to this post.  Basically, he broke it down into five parts:

  • Read everything.  That means EVERYTHING.  Even things you don’t think you would like.
  • Write persistently.  That means every day, including Christmas.  Also birthdays.
  • Learn as much about the language as you can.  Editing is important here.  It was mentioned that more can be learned from the editing than from the writing itself.
  • Write what you want to write.  You have to like what you’re doing.
  • Try to have fun.

7 thoughts on “Atra Esterni Ono Thelduin*

  1. May your swords stay sharp as well, and the stars shine on your path. (I don’t remember the exact wording… I hope that’s close.) Congratulations on finishing it. Can you say what tips he gave for writing?

  2. I second Liam’s question. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to read this yet as much as it angers me. 😀 If you could rank them in order, what would it be? From the first three, I’d say 1,3,2 but I’m curious to know what you think…
    Kudos to you for finishing it so quickly. Christopher himself said (on twitter) that it was by far his longest; that has me slightly intimidated because all of the other were so lengthy in themselves… 😀

    • Well, Brisingr was definitely my favorite. After that, though, it’s really hard to tell. As much as I love books that start out a series, if it came down to it I’d have to say Eragon was my least favorite, but it’s very close. That leaves Eldest and Inheritance tied for second. But again, I loved all of them.
      Long story short, I was VERY determined to get this book done. It is very long- over eight hundred pages- so it’s probably the longest book I’ve ever read. But don’t be intimidated. Any book can be read, no matter the size, if you give yourself enough time. 🙂

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