Writer’s note: I haven’t done a short story here in a while, and it’s time to exercise my brain muscle.  Therefore, I give you this super short, super vague, slightly science-fictiony piece.  Please note that this is a very rough first draft.


He saw me.

The thought kept swirling around my mind as I hurried away from the street corner.  He saw me- he looked at me.  How could he see me?

It was impossible, or so I had thought for countless years.  I was nothing.  Or, at least, I was something resembling nothing.  What was happening?

I didn’t dare look back, but I imagined I could feel his gaze piercing through the crowd, straining to see where I had gone.  What had he thought of me, in that second our eyes had locked?  Did I look strange to him?  Had he even cared?

The sidewalk felt as though it was tilting.  I had to lean against the nearest building to catch my breath.  While I did so, I watched passersby carefully, trying to see if anyone else would notice me.

None of them did.  Their gazes skipped straight over me.  Even those pedestrians who would have walked into me swerved out of the way at the last second without even noticing.  No one knew I was there.  No one but that boy on the corner.

Then another, more horrible thought occurred to me: Is there something wrong with me?  I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out.  And still, through all of these doubts and questions, that one thought remained:

He saw me.

This seems appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. You just wrote this for fun? It’s awesome. I like it because it’s not necessarily the beginning of a story, just a short revelation of an unknown character and a very ambiguous meaning. It’s hard to write those successfully sometimes.

    • I’m glad you liked it! Yes, this was just for fun. I got the basic idea this week and decided to see how it would play out as a short story, sort of as a challenge to myself.

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