Delving Into the Lesser-Knowns

I’m just finishing up reading Perelandra, the second book in C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy.  Now, a few friends of mine have been sort of surprised to see his name on a book that isn’t about Narnia (thank you, computer, for not spell-checking that), and I’ve been struck by how much an author’s works can fall by the wayside with the addition of a greater-known book.

As a book-nerd, I feel I really should be more aware of an author’s entire body of work.  After all, I can’t call myself very well read if I’ve only gotten into the big stuff.  A writer is more than his most famous novel, and although C.S. Lewis is a great example, he’s not the only one.

This is a rather short post, I know, but I feel like it’s an important thing to take into account.  You never know what you might find if you look into the nooks and crannies, the tucked-away places if you will, of the literary world.  You might even see something you like just as much as the famous books.

Certainly, I will always love the Narnia series probably most out of any of Lewis’ works, but reading this trilogy has really opened my eyes to what he could do with a pen outside of that world.  Here, he leaves the realm of fantasy and enters fully into science fiction, weaving wonderful and beautiful tales which take place on different planets.  I’m really enjoying it.  What with the Eclectic Reader Challenge and now this, 2012 is fast becoming the year that I’m branching out in my literary ventures, at least a little bit.

Happy reading.


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