An Interview With My Brain

It’s once again time for me to contribute to the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain.  This month the prompt is:

Choose your favorite of any of your own characters. Conduct a ten question interview with him or her.

The person I’ve picked for this interview is one of those characters that seem to bounce from story to story, never quite finding a permanent home in the novels I attempt.  However, her current incarnation is looking pretty hopeful.  She’s not a main character, but she’s certainly one of the more interesting ones.

Readers, allow me to introduce you all to Vee.  *elbows Vee*  Say hello to the readers!

Vee: Hey. Oh, by the way, I have to ask.  Do you really have to call them readers?  What is that?  Can I call you blogger?

Tayqlor: Can I just get to the questions?

V: (smirking) There is literally nothing I would like more than for you to start asking me personal questions.  Fire away.

T: Um, okay.  Let’s start with the basics: name and age.

V: Vee.  No last name.  Fifteen.  Do you want to know my shoe size, too?

T: I’m ignoring that.  What’s your favorite hobby?

V: (grins) Does staying alive count?  Or practicing my fighting skills.  I’m getting pretty good at hand-to-hand combat.

T: Why don’t you tell me more about yourself?

V: (laughs) What, is this a documentary on All Things Vee?  You gonna sell my life story to the papers?  No thanks, I’ll have my privacy.

T: Oh, come on.

V: There isn’t much to tell.  People say I’m hard to get along with, though I can’t imagine why.  I live with some friends of mine.  We’re outcasts, I guess.  Always have been.  That’s just the way things work, where I live.

T: What’s your typical outfit look like?

V: Jeans.  A shirt that isn’t too tight, something I can move around in.  I’ve usually got my hair- it’s brown- up in a ponytail.  Oh, and my gloves, of course.

T: Tell them about your best friend.

V: Hound? He’s a wild one.  Literally. (grins) You wouldn’t want to get him angry.  He’s pretty quiet most of the time, though.  Keeps to himself.  I’m the only one he really talks to, actually.  We’ve been friends for years.

T: Moving on…What are you most afraid of?

V: Yeah, ’cause that’s not a personal question.  Seriously, blogger?

T: Please, just answer this one?  We’re on a blog chain, here.  Lots of teen writers are going to see this!  You can’t just give me nothing.

V: Well, I can, actually.  Watch.

T: I know what it is.

V: Don’t you dare.

T: It’s going- hey, what are you doing?!  Put me down!

V: Don’t mess with a telekinetic.  Or have we not mentioned that yet?

T: Fine, fine, no more telling the readers about you!  Now put me down!…Thank you.  On to the next question.  What’s your biggest pet peeve?

V: I hate useless people.  I’m trying to survive here, you know?  I can’t afford to have someone who can’t do anything along for the ride.  It just slows me down.

T: Harsh.  Next question.  Do you consider yourself more a leader or a follower?

V: I’m more of a loner.  I don’t play well with others.  It’s shocking, I know, I seem like such a social butterfly.  Oh, sure, I’ll join up with a group of people for a while, but as soon as things aren’t going my way, I’m out of there.  With Hound, of course.

T: Of course.  Do we have time for some more questions?

V: Oh, yeah, take all the time you need.  It’s not like I was doing anything important.  No, I’ll gladly give up hours of my life to being probed about every insignificant detail of my existence for the benefit of your readers.

T: I get the sense you’re not really enjoying this.

V: Stop the presses!  I think the blogger just had a brain wave!

T: (fidgeting) Yeah, um, can we just get back to the questions, please?  Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

V: Hopefully far away from you.  (grins) Actually, I can do that right now.  See ya.

T: Vee, where are you going?  We’re not done here!  Vee?!…(nervous laugh) Readers?  She’s, uh, she’s gone.  Sorry.  But what a character, isn’t she?  Anyway, thanks for tuning in.  Links to the rest of the blog chain are under the cut.

Happy reading.

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10 thoughts on “An Interview With My Brain

    • Yes, she’s rather uncooperative, but she really is my favorite character, and I thought it would be funny to go ahead and see how the interview worked out.

  1. Hilariously funny, and funnily hilarious. More would be redundant. But… I didn’t realize that Vee was a girl until the mention of a ponytail, which a guy might have, but it’s a stretch. But nevertheless, seems like a good character. And I like the telekinesis.

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