An Everyday Literary Miracle

Readers, the impossible has occurred.

But let’s start at the beginning.

I guess it started when I was in the midst of planning with whom I am going to see The Hunger Games.  We were trying to figure out how many people we could fit in the minivan and thus how many I could invite once we subtracted attending family members.

Me: So I figure I can invite five people, assuming it’s me and you and Brother 1 going.

Mom: Well, Brother 2 wants to come as well.  So you can invite four people.

Me: What?  Brother 2?  He’s too young!  This is why they put the whole 13 after the PG in the ratings.  He is not 13.

Mom: Is the movie going to be inappropriate?

Me: Mom.  You’ve heard me talking about this for, like, over a year now.  IT’S SUPER VIOLENT.

Mom:  Yeah, but it’s not going to be really gory, is it?  Brother 2 can handle a little violence.

Me:  Sigh.  Okay, Mom?  Here’s what we’re gonna do.  You’re going to read this book, and then you can see for yourself, and you can decide whether Brother 2 can see it or not.

Readers, what you have to understand is my mother does not read.  As far as I know, she has not finished a novel since high school, when they made her.  It’s always been a little frustrating for me when I’m excited about a book and she doesn’t really get it, because books have never appealed to her.  She’s a wonderful person, but yeah, she just isn’t the book nerd type.

You can imagine both my surprise and my skepticism, then, when a couple of days later she was all:

Mom:  Okay, I have some free time.  Are you going to give me that book?

And you won’t think it strange, readers, when I was subsequently all:

Me:  …What?!

She insisted, despite my astonishment, that she was determined to read The Hunger Games.  I wasn’t so sure.  I even went so far as to make up a schedule of how many chapters she would need to read each week in order to finish by the time we saw the movie.  However, she didn’t seem to need it.  By the end of that week she had read maybe eight chapters.

Imagine my surprise, then, when she finished it in the course of maybe another week.  And then when she asked me if I would lend her Catching Fire, the second book in the trilogy.

At this point I was thoroughly and pleasantly surprised by the turn of events.  I had never expected this.  She had finished a book, okay.  But then she liked it.  Enjoyed it so much that she now wanted to CONTINUE THE SERIES.  I was determined not to crush this little flame of literacy.  And so I gave her the second one.  And when she finished that a couple of days ago, I gave her the third.

That’s right.  My very own mother is reading Mockingjay.

I’m very excited about this, readers.  It’s always so awesome to see someone else enjoying a book I’ve recommended to them, but it’s even more awesome because this is my mom.  There’s absolutely nothing in the world like seeing her engrossed in the final book, asking me if so-and-so is still alive, wondering what’s going to happen.

Anyway, she’s on track to finish Mockingjay before we go see the movie for the first book next week (which, by the way, I will have a detailed and very fangirly post about the day after).  Which brings me to my next question: what should she read next?  I’d like to see if she would want to read any other books like she did this one.  She’s talked about trying Harry Potter since that’s another big thing in our house, and I think it’s a splendid idea.  However, I’d love a second opinion if you’d like to leave a comment.

Happy reading.


4 thoughts on “An Everyday Literary Miracle

  1. HA! That’s awesome. A similar thing happened to me a while back, my mum does read fiction, but not that often so in my early tweens when I’m slightly ashamed to say I became obsessed with the Twilight series, my mum read them too, and loved them! Haha.
    As for recommendations (I’m not sure about your mum’s taste in books but..) Kelley Armstrong books are amazing, The Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman could also be a possibility, I loved them. But of course, like you said, Harry Potter’s gotta be the number one choice! 🙂
    Also, extremely looking forward to your fangirling post, I’m hoping to get mine out the day after I see it too 🙂

  2. This is a great story. As a writer, I gotta say it gives a great sense of satisfaction to see a new reader emerge… like watching a butterfly break out it its cocoon, don’t you think? How awesome that you and your mom now have this in common!

    Laura Ritchie

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