Things That Bother Me: Social Networking Edition

Good morning, readers.  Unless it is another time of day wherever you are, whenever you’re reading this.  In which case, insert the time of day where “morning” is.  There we go.  Perfect.

I’m in the midst of writing a RIVETING* research paper about George McClellan at the moment and cannot find time for much, which is why I’m writing this on Friday night in the hopes that I’ll remember to post it tomorrow morning.  That being said, I couldn’t bear the thought of doing two LazyPosts in a row, so I’m going to post about things I dislike about the Internet/social networking sites.

  1. People who promise ridiculous amounts of friend requests.  This has been cropping up on Facebook a lot lately.  It’s usually in the form of a comment on a page’s picture or post and has the following format:  Want 1000 Friend requests?!1  Add me [insert link to profile here] <—–  then LIKE this COMMENT n watch your friend Requests EXPLODE!!!11!!**  Other than these probably just being spam or a horrid attempt at getting subscribers to someone’s page, why would anyone want to do this?!  I mean, I certainly don’t want 1000 people I don’t know flocking to my requests inbox, and I don’t know why anyone else would.  It’s just plain weird.
  2. Memes that have outlived their expiration dates.  I realize it was hilarious two years ago to put a troll face on everything and call it a day, but come on.  Enough already.  It’s over.  There does come a time when there are literally no new situations you can put them in and have it still be funny.  Let the younger memes have their time in the spotlight.
  3. Any kind of “sub for sub” deal.  The idea is that someone puts out a “sub for sub” promotion involving their blog, YouTube channel, et cetera, wherein any subscribers will automatically get a subscription from that person.  I honestly don’t see why anyone would want to do this.  I mean, sure, you get more subscribers, but does that really mean anything if no one ever looks at your content?  Numbers mean nothing; it’s engagement that counts.
  4. People who comment on YouTube videos promoting their own channel.  I’m on YouTube a lot, readers, and I see this all the time.  YouTubers who aren’t well known will put a comment on any video basically begging people to come see their channel.  Not only does this never work (at least on me), it makes me think that maybe these people aren’t confident in their work.
  5. Comments on a video consisting of nothing more than an insult or slur.  I’m not going to repeat anything here, but I’m sure if you spend any time scrolling through comments of popular videos you’ll see them.  These are people who come across a video randomly, watch about (by my estimate) thirty seconds, and then decide that they don’t like the YouTuber.  So what do they do?  They leave a one- to five-word comment simply insulting the person or video.  Really, guys?  Is this the best you can do?***  Can’t you at least have an intelligent argument handy as to why you don’t like the video?  This would be a classic case of if you don’t have anything decent to say, hands off the keyboard.

Well, that’s about it for me.  I’m sure the first four things work for some people, but I really don’t see the point or benefit in any of them.  As to the last one, well, that should never happen.

This post was partially inspired by recent encounters on Facebook and partially by Louis Foulkes, one of my new favorite vloggers.  Here’s a video in which he talks about similarly annoying things in the social networking world:

Happy reading.

*The Caps Lock means I’m being sarcastic.

**See, you can tell how sincere the person is because of how much they forgot to hold down the shift key.

***Also newsflash: “nerd” is not an insult.  If you’re having trouble, I would recommend Shakespeare.


9 thoughts on “Things That Bother Me: Social Networking Edition

  1. Haha, love the video! Although he does speak somewhat too loudly… 😛
    I agree with all your comments, especially the last one. Youtube commenters irritate me, which is why I don’t have an account!
    Twitter is the social networking site that irritates me the most though, because of the issue mentioned in the video where people follow you, and then try and sneakily unfollow you, OR if you don’t follow them back they unfollow you. Grr. I don’t like the sub for sub deal. That’s one thing I like about wordpress actually, just because someone follows you you don’t have to follow them back and vise versa 🙂

    I wish you minimal irritation with your LOVELY George McClellan research. 😉 School work sucks.

    • I’m not on Twitter, so I haven’t really had a chance to pick out things that are annoying about it, but the sub for sub thing can really apply almost anywhere: Tumblr, YouTube, et cetera. WordPress definitely doesn’t have nearly as much of this, which is awesome.

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  3. I don’t use Facebook, but I do see some of these things on Twitter and Tumblr, and believe me, I find it plenty annoying. Sometimes it makes me want to just curl up in my little WordPress corner of the Internet and ignore everything else.

  4. I totally agree! I would rather have five subscribers who are very interested in my blog and like to talk about what they do and do not like than 50 that really just don’t care. I also agree about the “friend requests” thing- can friends who don’t care about you actually bring happiness? Plus, people are supposed to subscribe to like fifty people they don’t care about to make it work. I as well love YouTube, but I think that there is one exception to Pet Peeve #4: the Project for Awesome. It’s an annual YouTube event that tries to hijack YouTube with videos about charity. Most of the big YouTubers participate and the comments of their videos are a great way to find some of the smaller ones. I’ve also clicked on a couple of those comments and found some pretty funny stuff.
    I just don’t like memes. They’re awful. Who thought it was funny to take a random picture and put stupid text on it. Nobody, that’s who. Sorry for the long comment. It’s just that WordPress, Nanowrimo, and the small YouTube communities I frequent are so nice I freak out when I see the outside world.

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