Novel Journeys’ First Christmas

Readers, I thought I might give you an update on the new books that will now ensure that I never run out of things to do for the next few months when combined with that already intimidating list of novels I haven’t read yet.  So, here is a picture of the books I received as gifts this holiday season:

Sorry it’s so big, but WordPress is no longer cooperating with pictures I put into it.

This doesn’t even include several more that I bought using gift cards that should be here within the next couple of weeks (well, half of them, at any rate.  The other half is coming with a pre-order).  As you can see, this means the To-Be-Read pile accumulated on top of my bookshelf has grown considerably.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself.

Anyway, I’ve wanted most of these books for a while now.  It’s nice to finally be able to finish the steampunky wonder that is the Leviathan trilogy (have I mentioned that I adore Scott Westerfeld’s writing?), as well as the Secret Series.  The Scorpio Races is the latest book by Maggie Stiefvater, another author I admire.  I also received The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe, which is always welcome, and a complete set (in one volume) of all the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books.  I’ve been meaning to read those for a while.  It’s time to get to the bottom of 42 and towels.

In all, I am incredibly grateful to my family for getting me these wonderful books.  Now I’m off to try and finish The Return of the King before the new year so that I can get cracking on that pile.  I hope all of you had a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

My parting question to you, readers, is a predictable one: have you read any of these books?  Were they good?  Bad?  Did they make you want to throw them against the wall?  Leave a comment and tell me what I’m in for (but no spoilers, please)!

Happy reading.

Happy Bad Poetry Day!

No, I’m not kidding.  I’m deadly serious.  It’s an actual holiday.  Copyrighted and everything.

I’ve always had an interest in funny or unusual holidays, the little ones that no one ever seems to know about.  I suppose it started after an episode of Ace of Cakes where they looked up the daily holidays.  Then, yesterday, I came across this blog post created in celebration of National Pink Day.  After a quick Internet search, I found out what today is…

She looks so sad about today. Can't imagine why...

Bad Poetry Day!  The purpose of this is to gather a group of old high school friends, write terrible poems, and then send it to a high school teacher.  But, since I have yet to graduate high school, I’m going to celebrate by writing some verse for you, my dear reader.

This first one is called “Today.”  I hope you enjoy it:

Today is the day

Of Bad Poetry Day

And I’m so excited

To get myself knighted

*Whew* I was worried for a minute that I would have to rhyme a word with itself.  But no worries!

My next piece is a haiku straight from the heart:

Heart: ba-bum-ba-bum

You make sure I do not die today.

You’re just awesome, man.

I didn’t have a real idea for that first line.  So I just put in heart kind of sounds.  Epic win, right?  Also, yes, I kind of cheated in the second line.  But it’s supposed to be seven syllables anyway, two more won’t make a difference.

My favorite thing about poems is that you can write ANYTHING and it can still be called a poem:


…or maybe not.

My last piece is about something very close to me:

My desk is yellow,

Careful when reading; your face might do this.

My desk is cool.

My desk helps me

Do better in school.

It also holds my computer for me so I can blog better.

Yes, that last line is part of the poem.  I think that really holds the rest of it together, don’t you?

My challenge to you readers today: write a bad poem to celebrate this most wonderful of holidays, and post it on your own blog.  I sure had fun with it; let’s see if you can come up with something worse!  Then comment on this post with a link to your poems so everyone can see.  Share the love!  And here’s hoping that next year will be even more spectacular!

Here’s an idea: let’s get EVERYONE in on this holiday!  People around the world will be pushing terrible poems as a symbol of our collective awesomeness!

If you think about it, today helps us get perspective on good poetry.  It’s a lesson and a fun activity all in one!  *claps* YAY!

Happy reading!