A First for Harry Potter

This Monday, J.K. Rowling and her publishers finally released the Harry Potter series as eBooks.  It’s been a long time coming for HP fans everywhere, and the question is, “Why now?”

I can understand why Rowling didn’t want to release them earlier.  She’s famously protective of her series, and putting them out as eBooks could have given way to piracy issues.  Even so, it’s great that she’s decided to go through with it.

It occurs to me that she and her publishers most likely wanted to have the eBooks out before Pottermore is released to the public in April (you’re going to love it, guys).  It only makes sense, then, to do it a week or two before the release.

So now they’re out there.  The eBooks are among us, and now you can download Harry Potter on your Kindle/Nook/iPad/et cetera anytime you like.  (Go here for the Web site where you can buy them.)  This, of course, opens up another kind of discussion: was Rowling right to withhold the possibility of eBooks for all these years?  Should she have released them online as soon as technology allowed it?  And what does this mean for other authors?  Should we all be just as cautious when considering online publication?

I, for one, respect her decision not to publish her books online until now.  In today’s world of piracy and copyright infringement, you really can’t be too careful (not that I’m in any way an expert on the matter).  And although it means fans had to buy the more expensive paper copies, as far as I’ve seen the majority of people didn’t really care.

Now, sure, Rowling could afford to do this because of the immense popularity of her books.  I’m certain for other authors the story is different.  But what do you think, readers?  Should eBooks be made available immediately with every book that comes out?  Or should the author be able to decide and possibly keep eBooks from happening?

In related news, OH MY GOODNESS J.K. ROWLING IS WRITING A NEW BOOK!!!  Not another Harry book, which is just fine with me (I’m not a fan of series running more than their due course), and it’s for adults this time, but OH MY GOODNESS CAPS LOCK DOES NOT FULLY EXPRESS MY FANGIRLY JOY!!!  I can’t even imagine what it will be about.  It will, in all likelihood, be something completely and wonderfully different than anything we’ve seen from her before.  I’m definitely going to be watching for more news of this.  Who’s with me?

Happy reading.

All Hail Queen Rowling (In Which I Also Talk About Other Things)

or, Hogwarts Finally Sent Me My Letter

So, along with this week came some very exciting news.  And I mean VERY exciting.  Like, monumental.  Like, the greatest thing that’s happened to me since A LONG TIME.

This is what happened:


Yes, ladies and gents, I’m in Pottermore.  I got in back in early August, but, of course, I didn’t actually get onto the site until this week, and I’ve been DYING to tell you this but I thought it would be a nice surprise.

So, there you have it.  I’m finally in, and it’s AMAZING, and I can’t wait to see if any of you are in or are going to join.  I’m not going to post any pictures or whatnot (though there are quite a few floating around if you know where to look), because I feel like that would be spoiling it for anyone who’s SUPER EXCITED about it.

My Potter-loving friend and I got in together, and the past weeks have been horrendous for us, waiting for our letters.  Seriously.  You should see my Facebook wall.  Nothing but Potter, Potter everywhere for the past month.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it.  It was loads of fun.

Anyway…more about the site.  I got sorted into Ravenclaw, which is a HUGE relief.  I’ve known where I would be for years now, and I was afraid that Pottermore would send me into a SPIRALING IDENTITY CRISIS OF DOOM.

Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw / If you've a ready mind / Where those of wit and learning / Will always find their kind.

If you have an account (or are getting one in October) and want to add me, my username is MagicSparks131.

Now that that’s out of the way:

I realized after sending out my last post that I neglected to post any Wrock/Rockingjay/Trock for you to listen to, though I talked about it.  Therefore, I’m giving you a couple of videos.  Please note that I really haven’t gotten into this area of music much, so my choices were limited to what I’ve heard on the Fireside Chat and whatever I could find on YouTube.  Feel free to comment with links to your favorite songs if you like.

This one is from the POV of Draco Malfoy, which is kind of interesting and SUPER funny:

And now for Rockingjay:

This is just a small selection, however.  If you’re interested, you should totally check some other bands and artists for yourself.  And there’s always Trock for you Whovians!

*Rejoices in the midst of unbridled geeky delight*

Happy reading!